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New Computer Combines Electronic Circuits with Light Pulses

Modern computers still lack the capability to find the best solution for the classic “traveling salesman” problem. Even finding approximate solutions is challenging. But finding the shortest traveling salesman route among many different cities is more than just an academic exercise. This class of problems lies at the heart of many real-world business challenges such as scheduling delivery truck .

Building 8-Bit Bots

The Vintage Computer Federation is the world’s largest group of collectors and restorers of historic computing systems. Member activities include hands-on exhibitions conducted at all manner of tech-themed gatherings around the United States, in addition to the federation’s own Vintage Computer Festival events. At the World Maker Faire in New York City, in October, two of our mid-Atlantic chapter .

What Will 100 Gbps Broadband Satellite Technology Mean to You?

On planes, trains, ships, and automobiles, from consumer living rooms to corporate boardrooms, the advent of 30-100 Gbps connectivity via satellite will redefine broadband “access.” Indeed, more than half of the world’s satellite operators have ordered (or plan to order) high-capacity satellites, and 14 million households and 50% of enterprise terminals are predicted to be using high-capacity satellite platforms .